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Herbal tea 009: calcium iron zinc, natural supplements

Calcium-zinc-iron is effective against drépanocytose, tiredness, weakness, vih, loss of appetite, etc.: Calcium iron zinc is the best natural supplement. Of more, it is easy to use for everybody. It is a simple solution for many diseases.

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30,00€ excl. tax - 30,00€ inc. tax

sickle cell disease VIH Rheumatoid arthritisl Bronchitis rheumatisms aron zinc Calcium

Technical Sheet of the Remedy rich in Spirulina and Calcium

Baobab fruit

Technical sheet


Afrique-tisane N°9: calcium-zinc-iron


-Powder in transparent bag.

- Weight: 50g


Plant extracts, vitalized calcium and zinc.

Active subtances

-Calcium, zinc, spirulina, micronutrient and amino acid

Price: 30 €

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What is the Role of Calcium

Calcium source of resistance.

- The body needs vitalized calcium and remedy 9 is very rich in calcium. Calcium is a trace element whose main function is the mineralization of bone and teeth in the form of calcium phosphate salts. It is the most important mineral salt of bone mass. It is present in significant amounts in bones and teeth. It is also found in the muscles and in many liquids where it participates in the proper metabolism of nerve and muscle cells. It also plays an important role in bone strength, kidney function, blood clotting and in the activation of certain enzymes. The ability to absorb calcium depends on age (the younger, the better). Calcium acts in close relationship with phosphorus. In adults, the renewal of calcium from the bone mobilizes approximately 700 mg of calcium per day

- Calcium regulates the beating of the heart, the tone of the muscles and the irritability of the nerves. The most abundant mineral in our body Its deficiency increases with age The very first symptoms are fatigue, excessive sweating, lack of concentration, poor appetite, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, cramps members and others

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Medical experts say this:

-- 20 to 50% of rickets children suffer from lack of calcium.

--Lack of calcium can cause up to 100 types of diseases including:

In children: Nightmares, restlessness, bow legs or x-shaped legs, bone disorders, repeated infections, repeated flus, feverish state, low bone strength, etc.

In adolescents: Leg cramps, poor sports results, fatigue, restlessness, lack of concentration, imbalanced diet, dental care, weak teeth, permeability to colds, allergies, learning difficulties, bone weakness, etc.

In adults: Fatigue, cramp, lassitude, permeability to colds, allergies and others

In pregnant women: Cramps, joint pain, edema, fatigue, miscarriage, shortness of breath, onset of pregnancy, hypertension and others.

In the elderly: Back pain, cramps, loss of bone mass, bone remodeling, bone fracture, high blood pressure, popping joints, heart disease, stone formation and more. Click here to learn more on another site

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Why Zinc?

zinc source of life

Zinc is a trace element that is involved in many enzymatic reactions and plays an important role in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. According to biochemists it is involved in the synthesis of more than 90 types of body enzymes (hormones, secretions, insulin, sperm, etc.). . It is a natural antioxidant and cleaner that would intervene in the prevention of toxic effects due to free radicals. It is present in almost all organs and cells of the body (muscles, bones, skin, brain, pancreas, eye, prostate, etc. In addition, in moderate inflammatory acne, zinc has even demonstrated an effectiveness equivalent to tetracycline, the reference antibiotic in the treatment of acne. A course of a few days and the skin becomes normal and spotless.

Zinc is essential for the harmonious development of our body, for genetic immunity, the endocrine system, the proper functioning of the sexual organs and the health of the fluid of the nerves of the body Lack of Zinc causes an imbalance in our whole body, malnutrition, loss of appetite, loss of memory, disordered movements, disorders of thought , senile dementia, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, male infertility, affect the quality of semen and sperm and also irritate the development of sex glands.Help multi complex development and to cell growth. Insufficient intake of zinc slows the growth and development of children, resulting in a skinny body. Related to the development of a child's intelligence as well as strengthening the body's immune system, zinc maintains and helps in the development of vision. Zinc promotes healthy growth, especially in children, improves learning ability, strength of vision and more.


Decalcification, sickle cell disease, rheumatism, osteoporosis, fatigue, school laziness, sexual weakness, vaginal dryness, fragility, sperm deficiency, premature ejaculation, sterility, malnutrition, hormonal disorder, tingling, tingling, insomnia, hot flush, osteoarthritis, decreased defenses immunity, repeated infections, etc.


Slightly sour taste.

Manual :

-- The powder is consumed in a meat or other broth or in a cereal porridge.

-- You can also take the powder, in a homogeneous mixture of honey, lemon juice or olive oil during the meal.

--During the meal and twice a day, lap up a teaspoonful of the powder and drink half a glass of water.

--for gynecological problems, make a cure of the powder, olive oil and lemon juice and everything will be back to normal very quickly. 1 C.C of powder + 1 C.S. olive oil + juice of a very ripe lemon to be taken in the morning on an empty stomach for three weeks

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