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Herbal Tea 024: Cream Make sexual intercourse last longer


Cream to make the sexual act last longer is a mixed viagra cream to strengthen sexual functions. This cream to make the sexual act last longer is made of medicinal plants stimulates the sexual act and allows the man and the woman to enjoy deeply in the sexual act. It is also useful for soft erections and overly large vaginas. Good remedy for enjoyment. Good for sex workers. It is a cream to make love and to do it well all the time. No more premature ejaculation. No more frigidity.

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Yet another herbal tea for the Woman

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make the sexual act last longer get hard last long in bed


Technical sheet

Remedy 024: Cream To make sex last longer

NB: Herbal tea 024: Cream To make the sexual act last longer tones vagina penis. Makes the vagina muscular and tightly closed. Facilitates enjoyment even if the penis is small


-Ointment in 25ml jar


-Extracts of 7 plants, honey, shea, acridocarpus, etc.

Active subtances

-Astringent, toning and stimulating tannins.

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Cream Make sex last longer. The cream of love and sexual enjoyment facilitates orgasm and fights frigidity. The love and enjoyment cream also ensures great firmness to your lower abdomen and your genitals in a short time. This 100% natural product acts on your various slackened muscles, tightens them, tones them, awakens your sleeping nerves, makes you more sensitive and more sensual. Useful for both women and men. This leads to the production of new cells, new muscles with a strengthening of existing muscles. New tissues begin to grow, and your whole being regenerates. This process will take place exactly as at the very beginning of your life as a couple when love was still fully experienced and where one could not do without the other. Life together is beautiful and very beautiful if it is fully lived in love and fidelity for one another. Tonisex will bring you to relive this past moment and make a new start. Try to testify. Tonisex J allows you to breathe new life into your life as a couple.

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Flabby penis, flaccid muscles, lax vagina, lax clitoris, need for climax, need for love, etc.

How to Use Cream Make Sex Last Longer


Every evening and once a day, after a good shower, pass a little of the ointment on the penis and proceed to a gentle circular massage of the penis, for about ten minutes so that the product penetrates it correctly.


Every evening and once a day, after a good shower, pass a little of the ointment on the clitoris, on the vaginal lips and in the vagina and proceed to a very gentle massage of each of the aforementioned organs for about ten minutes of so that the product penetrates very slowly and surely. It is very exciting, challenging and thrilling.

NB: You proceed in the same way to tone all your flabby muscles: belly, lower belly, thighs, arms, penis, etc. Tonisex activates circulation, awakens your tired nerves, tightens your tissues, makes you active and vigorous.

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