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Herbal Tea N°015 : Toning Cream GS to enlarge breasts and buttocks

Cream to develop breasts, breasts, buttocks. The Cream tonisex GS makes breast grow and gives to the woman, the breast of her dreams that nothing can give her. Very good remedy for breast . But the cream alone will not be enough and it is necessary to combine soap and powder. It is a breast, breast and buttock enlargement program that gives good results in a short period of time. You must take the tonisex GS soap, cream and powder and follow the program to change your physical appearance forever. The tonisex GS cream makes your breasts, breasts and buttocks bigger. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed.


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Product details

Cream tonisex GS (To make grow breasts and buttocks)

Presentation: Ointment in a jar of 25ml

Composition: Extracts of 5 plants.

-Shea butter, nigella oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil.

Active ingredients: Plant sterols are very rich in phytoestrogens.

Unit price: 20 €.

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About the product

Cream to develop breasts, breasts, buttocks. The cream ensures an enlargement of your Breast, a reasonable volume of your breasts, a better irrigation and a firmness of your breasts in a short time. This 100% natural product makes your breasts grow naturally and simply by stimulating your ovaries from your breasts. Thus the mammary circulation is well activated and the ovaries produce more estrogen . This leads to the production of new breast cells and breast tissue with a strengthening of the existing muscles. New tissue begins to be born, and your breasts gain muscle, volume and firmness.  This process happens exactly as it does during each woman's puberty and the body starts to produce new cells every day. The components of the product ensure a natural, healthy breast enlargement that is proportionate to your size, without any risk of side effects or damage. Your natural and human hormones are prepared to take over after the treatment.

Indications: To make small breasts and small buttocks bigger.

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Instructions for use

Spread a little ointment on your breasts every night at bedtime after a shower and proceed with a gentle circular massage for about ten minutes, then massage vigorously without violence but without kneading your breasts. Use both hands for each breast.  Always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the breasts and ovaries. Remember that the ovaries are stimulated from the brain. Put a little more emphasis on the tips of the breasts. Your husband may be able to help you to stimulate the breasts and ovaries more. He will love it and he will certainly be happy to assist you from time to time according to his availability. Cover your breasts afterwards so that the product can act in depth. In less than a month, your small breasts will become bigger, firmer, more prominent and look bigger.

Note: If you do the same for the buttocks, you will obtain the same result.

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