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Herbal Tea N°035: Memory aid, natural remedy to become smart

 Memory aid remedy activates intelligence

Memory aid, a natural remedy is a dietary supplement that anyone can use to keep their brain alert and study.  The herbal tea keeps the brain in an active state of study and facilitates retention and the act of learning. Afrique-tisane N°035: Memory aid brings precious elements to the brain, activates intelligence, and facilitates learning. it is a food supplement that everyone can use to keep their brain awake and to study. good for learners. The remedy keeps learners awake at the table. The product makes the brain active and quick to remember easily.

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20,00€ excl. tax - 20,00€ inc. tax

memory aid

Description of the Remedy Memory aid which allows you to study well

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-Powder in 50g sachet

Composition: -Organic plant extracts

Active ingredients:-Micro nutrients

Unit price: €20

NB: Memory aid herbal tea 35 will help your learners to study, learn and retain lessons. It is a remedy for learners. Please help your children to succeed in the act of learning.

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The therapeutic effects of Memory Aid Herbal Tea, a natural remedy for studying well

Herbal Memory Aid tea is a magical composition that boosts memory and facilitates concentration for learners. The herbal tea improves the cerebral blood microcirculation by acting on memory disorders. It is a super stimulant for the brain because of its richness in vitamins and minerals. A teaspoonful each day provides the brain with everything it needs to work properly and stay awake. Whether for children, adults or seniors, the powder is useful.

Its role is very decisive for learners during assessment periods, provided that the intake is started early enough to provide the brain with all the nutrients it needs (vitamins and minerals) during periods of high demand.


Loss of memory, school laziness, difficulty in concentrating, intellectual fatigue,

 Directions for use :

- Take a teaspoon of the powder in cocoa milk

- Boil (2 minutes) a tablespoon of the powder in a covered pan containing a litre of water, let cool and filter. Keep in a cool place. Drink half a glass twice a day for one month and repeat as needed in 14-day intervals up to three months.

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