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Herbal Tea 143: Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness.

Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness.wealth, stability, spiritual matter, troubled sleep, need for inner peace. Discover what is possible.

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Peace love radiance stability Incense of Happiness Incense of Peace

Peace, Peace Incense, Happiness Incense, Love

Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness, Love around You

The therapeutic effects of frankincense

Herbal Tea No. 143

Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness facilitates peace and understanding in the home. Useful in case of trouble, conflict, misunderstanding, threat of divorce, threat of war and break-up of a group. It is useful for making peace in a group or in your home. The man or the woman can use it to bring the other partner to their senses and to facilitate understanding as a couple and avoid divorce. Allows the woman or the man to live in peace with the other and to be loved.


Need for love, need for peace in the home, need for consideration by her husband, need for upward social mobility, to avoid divorce, for the unity of a group, etc.

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NB: Herbal Tea No. 143: Peace, Incense of Peace, Incense of Happiness allows you to live in peace. In addition, this incense unites children, family, brings prosperity, peace to the home and chases away evil spirits. Where there is peace everything works.

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Grandmother's recipe, Incense to make yourself loved is useful as a couple, in association, in business to facilitate the cohesion of the group, of the home in peace.

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