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Active incense

Frankincense in action

Incense is the first thing man uses to glorify God and all religions speak of it. The visit of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Three Kings with myrrh, gold and incense is a perfect example; it is with incense containing fish gall that the Archangel Saint Raphael delivered SARRA of the spirit of Death ASMODEE and Prayer to read the Gospels and Tobit's book to know more. With a little incense we can change the world. Examples abound of the key role of incense, candles and scapulars through the sacred books. With a little incense activated by plants and special products one can radically change a situation. Where there is hate one can put love, where there is despair one can put hope. With a little incense you can move a mountain. With a little incense and faith one can avoid divorce, find work, increase one's chances of success in life, protect a house, deliver a sick person, chase a spirit of death or a husband by night or a woman of night, win a lawsuit, win a jackpot, change a lot of situations. In all circumstances, avoid idolatry and always address your prayers to God with love, either directly or through a saint, a saint, a superior entity and par excellence by Jesus the Christ God love manifested on earth. Whether you are a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, an animist, a voodoo worshiper, a cultist or not, it does not matter what counts is love, it is charity and war of religions. The only truly universal religion is love and charity, the end point, and we stop deceiving ourselves, confusing ourselves, and mounting ourselves against each other. You already practice a religion, it is well where you are and live love and charity to get closer to God. You have no religion, it is not too late, you can choose one and it is better because you will be held accountable and the man can not live properly in this world without faith in God.