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Herbal Tea N ° 017: remedy to make your penis strong and big

Soap to enlarge the penis in little time.This soap fights  premature ejaculation, sexual weakness and erectile dysfunction. A good remedy for every men

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Presentation of Penis Enlargement Remedy,Enlarge Penis Naturally

Warming up for penis enlargement Naturally

Herbal Tea N°17 : Tonisex GP, Enlarge Penis Naturally, make penis bigger, develop penis.

How to enlarge the penis naturally with the plant. The Soap develops the penis very quickly. Very big, very long and very powerful. It gives you an erection as hard as steel. tonisex GP Soap safely grows the penis. It fights against premature ejaculation, impotence, male sterility, sexual weakness.

Presentation of Herbal Tea N°17 : Tonisex GP, Natural enlargement of the penis, lengthening.

-Black soap of 50g


-Plant extracts.

-Native soap.

Active ingredients

-Plant sterols

Price: €20

Please read this article to understand 

External Factors of Penis Enlargement, Make Penis Big, Enlarge Penis Naturally

External factors

How to enlarge penis naturally? The opinions are divided but we all know that a muscle that does not exercise is delayed in its development and our mothers in Africa know this so well that they make the new born boys do a lot of exercises, and if you attend a traditional washing session, you will understand better what I am saying. Often it is the mother-in-law or another knowledgeable mother who takes care of this delicate task, which the young mother follows carefully to take over. Nature knows how to do things so well that the penis itself is instinctively exercised night and day and often in the mornings in all healthy men from birth to adulthood, at least if wearing tight underwear does not hinder its movements. So when your penis gets tense in the mornings, know that it is exercising for its harmonious development and let it do its exercises without hindrance. This leads me to say that we should avoid tight pants at bedtime and it is better to sleep naked at night at bedtime so as not to hinder the penis in its nocturnal and morning exercises, especially the young boy who is in full growth. Sexual intercourse, properly conducted, is an exercise par excellence when the adolescent becomes mature.

In the beginning men lived naked, and the penis swung well from left to right, front to back and grew naturally in width and length, then there were sex covers, then knickers, and then briefs and knickers, and so on. Nowadays underwear is too tight, the penis suffocates and does not breathe well. When, during our puberty, we wear too tight underwear at all times, night and day our penis (erectile muscles) lacks movement and is hindered in its natural development. The very fact that the penis swings from left to right, front to back is an important exercise for it because at these times the erection is between 20% and 50% phase where the penis gains in length, and sometimes between 50 and 90% phase where it gains in girth. Even if you have a well-developed penis, i.e. 3.5 to 5cm in diameter and 17 to 20cm in length, these factors must be taken into account, otherwise your penis will lose its vigour and tone after 40. For those with poorly developed penises, these external factors should be taken into account and the penis should be regularly exercised (massaged, rocked, stretched, etc.) with tonisex soap and cream by massaging the penis lengthwise and widthwise from the base to the glans in different phases of erection (flaccid penis, 20-50% erection and 50-80% erection). Please enrol in the Penis Enlargement Program. The programme works and is unrivalled

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Internal Factors of Natural Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement and Development

Internal factors

 How does enlargement work? There are many different and complex internal factors to consider, starting with a diet low in zinc, copper, vitamin E and others, which can cause a hormonal deficiency; then there are hereditary, morphological, constitutional and sometimes organic factors, etc. Exercises alone will not be enough to give you a satisfactory penis volume and you must also act from the inside by stimulants and tonisex powder will be of enormous service to you by acting on all the internal growth factors because of its richness in micronutrients and plant hormones of proven effectiveness in this field.  For a quick result you should therefore combine the soap, cream and powder for a rigorous treatment of one to two months.

The remedy is safe with herbal tea 28, herbal tea 72 and herbal tea 77. I would like to inform you that herbal tea 77 is the best and has no equal.

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Make your Penis bigger, Enlarge Penis naturally. How does it work?

NB: The Remedy is safe with herbal tea 28, herbal tea 72 and herbal tea 77. I would like to inform you that herbal tea 77 is the top and has no equal.

The penis consists of three cavities, two dorsal cavities formed by erectile tissue (Cavernous Body) and a smaller cavity at the ventral part of the penis, where the urethra passes (Spongy Body). When you are sexually aroused, your brain secretes a hormone that causes a rush of blood into your penis, which fills your erectile tissues (corpus cavernosum). The cells of these bodies are filled with blood until an erection is achieved and the penis becomes taut as a hard wood. The soap and ointment are rich in revulsive and stimulating elements. Thus, under the action of repeated specific massages with the soap or ointment, the blood flow in the penis is increased, forcing it to adapt by becoming as engorged as possible. The repeated action, day after day, requires the internal tissues of the penis to expand more and more, in order to cope with this new influx of blood into the corpora cavernosa, with a rapid effect on the dimensions of the penis at rest, which becomes much larger and more voluminous.

Internally, the active ingredients in tonisex powder will act from within through their hormonal contribution and increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa for greater blood flow to the caverns, creating a larger and longer erection. Tonisex stimulates cell growth in the corpora cavernosa and effectively combats premature ejaculation and sexual weakness. Tonisex makes you a man and your wife will be proud of your permanent performance.  Your erection will become intense and long lasting. Tonisex is 100% natural and has no side effects. Any increase is permanent.

Please sign up for the Penis Enlargement Program. The program works and is unrivalled

Tonisex gp

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Please sign up for the Penis Enlargement Program. The programme works and is unrivalled

Benefits: Penis Enlargement, Make Penis Big Naturally

Ensures reasonable penis size and volume within a short period of time. This 100% natural product makes the penis grow naturally and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone, the hormone responsible for virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men. In men, these are called androgens (of which testosterone is the main representative), and they are produced by the testicles. Testosterone grows hair, increases muscle mass and size of the genitals (testicles and penis), and causes the voice to change.Please sign up for the Penis Enlargement Program. The program works and is unrivalled.

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The Tonisex GP enlargement programme works well. It results in the production of new penis cells and tissues with a strengthening of the existing muscles. New tissue begins to form and your penis becomes more muscular, larger and firmer.  This process is exactly like puberty in a young boy, and the body starts to produce new cells every day. The components of the product ensure a healthy and proportional enlargement of the penis to your size, without any risk of side effects or damage. Your natural, human hormones are prepared to take over after the treatment.

Indications of the penis enlargement remedy naturally

To enlarge the penis to combat sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and impotence.

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The remedy is safe with herbal tea 28, herbal tea 72 and herbal tea 77. I would like to inform you that herbal tea 77 is the best and has no equal.

Stretching the penis forward to enlarge the penis

How to use penis enlargement, make penis bigger,enlarge penis naturally

NB: The videos must be requested so as not to do anything foolish. The Programme works almost 100% if followed properly with herbal teas 17, 18 and 19.

It is necessary to act taking into account the above:

1-Every morning, wash the penis and scrotum with soap and a soft sponge, and proceed with a gentle circular massage for about ten minutes, from the base to the glans, until the penis is first erect (from 20 to 70% or more). Use both hands and always act with the intention of stimulating the muscles of the penis and testicles. Act in different phases of the erection to act on the circumference (90% erection or less) and to act on the length (resting or medium erection).  Remember that the erection starts in the head.

2- Then, sitting on a table while putting your penis forward, slightly squeeze the glans of your penis, and pull towards the front of your body, until you have a good stretch in the centre and in the base. Hold this stretch for about 2 minutes.

3-Follow with a 30-second break, then repeat the procedure three more times, varying the direction between short breaks (in front, to the left, to the right, downwards, etc.).

4- Swing your penis against your leg each time (left and right) so that the blood flows more freely.

NB: This will take you about 15 minutes in the morning with the soap and 15 minutes in the evening with the cream. This makes two sessions of exercises and massages per day (massage, stretching, balancing).  Within a few weeks your penis will increase in size and volume. You will have some difficulties at first, but don't worry, you will get better and better at your exercise. Three months of treatment will be enough to give you a good result in length and size. Your penis will be powerful in tone, volume and length with a strong power of penetration in a definitive way.tonisex GP Soap makes the penis grow bigger safely. It fights premature ejaculation, impotence, male sterility and sexual weakness. 

Our enlargement products are always accompanied by instructions with pictures and videos. Don't do anything to avoid the opposite effect. It is a whole series of exercises to be practiced under our guidance. Don't imagine anything in our place because I have been trained for this.

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A Recipe to Grow Penis, Develop Penis, Enlarge Penis Naturally

Simple recipes to develop penis, enlarge penis naturally

NB We highly recommend our herbal teas 17, 18, 19, 28 and 72. But failing that you have some useful weapons

1- Develop the penis with a good sexual performance

eat as much as you like of the root of acridocarpus smethmannii and 7 seeds of aframomum meleguette (gbaguinan do and attakou in goun in Benin)

2-Penis development and sexual performance

Powder 100g of ginger, 100g of acricarpus root, 100g of meleguette pepper, 50g of clove, 50g of pepper and 100g of roasted peanuts

Take one teaspoonful in a well-sweetened porridge, 2 to 3 times a day. 

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The Remedy is safe with herbal tea 28, herbal tea 72 and herbal tea 77. I inform you that herbal tea 77 is the top and has no equal.

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