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Herbal tea 147: Saint Francis, Incense Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis, Incense Saint Francis of Assisi for protection, washing. How to protect ourselves when we lack self-confidence. Discover the solution.

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Incense Saint Francis of Assisi Saint Francis

Incense Saint Francis of Assisi. Please contact us

Saint Francis, Incense Saint Francis of Assisi

The therapeutic effects of frankincense

Herbal Tea 147: Saint Francis, Incense Saint Francis of Assisi brings health, healing, well-being, and protection, purifies the house and chases away evil spirits. This promotes loyalty and respect for contracts between associates and fights adultery. Apart from the basic elements that make up incense usually this product includes key elements of protection according to African know-how to fight the forces of evil. Good for protecting homes from thieves and malicious people.


Protection, purification, a victim of adultery, peace and fidelity to the home, need for protection of a place, threat of divorce, in conflict with the in-laws, unloved, against thieves and bad encounters.

Manual :

Put a little powder on hot charcoal as usual.

NB: In a situation of loss of self-confidence, bizarre illnesses, chronic illnesses, in a situation of insecurity, in a situation of persecution, a situation of bewitchment, or possession, the correct use of this incense will completely change your life.

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