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A candle is the symbol of the earth element, everything is dust and will return dust but a well-prepared and well-activated spiritual candle is the symbol of the four fundamental elements by which God has created everything to know the earth element, the fire element , the water element and the air element. When the fifth element the divine breath or the spirit of God is added a vibration is created visibly and felt in the candle lit by the initiates and not visible by the vulgar man. When the breath is added life appears and it can not be otherwise. Everything was created from the five basic elements. A lit candle is very spiritual and that is why you will always see a lighted candle or a traditional or modern lamp lit in most sacred places. A spiritual candle or a shard of earth containing oil and a traditional wick is the ideal mystic lamp that no modern lamp can replace. A modern lamp symbolizes only the fire element and the earth element whereas a candle or a traditional lamp symbolizes with marvel and visibly the five fundamental elements for the fast descent of the divine grace. We do not light a candle anywhere and anyhow and no matter the color of the candle for the African mystic man or trained to the traditional. My father who trained me and introduced me to the science of our ancestors had his shrine full of mystical entities. In my Father's sanctuary there was always a burning candle and my Father used only two colors of candles white frequently and rarely red with these deities all powerful according to the belief of his time. God answered him very quickly because he had the perfect mastery of the five elements. Nowadays it can be simple without falling into idolatry a sanctuary valid for the rapid descent of divine grace. All you need is a table on the east side of a corner because the sun rises in the east, a holy image according to your belief or an image of a deceased who lived worthily because it is the ghost of the the deceased who will serve as a channel and more it is better better, a candle holder to secure the candle and a candle extinguisher because we do not blow on the candle to extinguish it. Ask for help to have a proper sanctuary. When all is ready, let a spiritual man come and bless your sanctuary to make it active. The power of your sanctuary depends on the spiritual value of the image that will serve as a channel for the descent of divine grace. Add sacred and consecrated objects to give more power to your sanctuary. We can help you to have a sanctuary worthy and very active. Ask for help to not do anything. To make the entity, the angel or the archangel present in your home constantly make it a habit to pray in the morning at sunrise and evening at bedtime at a fixed time in front of your sanctuary, the candle being lit safely. All this well done, important changes will not take long to intervene in your life in love, health, peace, mercy, blessing, justice and fortune. All you wish for with our spiritual candles will come to you and life will smile on you. Do not be afraid. Let no one deceive you, have liver in God and in yourself. If you wish, believe me in Jesus Christ, in the Virgin Mary our Divine Mother, believe in the prophets, believe in your ancestors who led a dignified spiritual life and whose souls rest in peace with God because many of our parents are true saints and can always intervene in this world to change things.