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Herbal tea 088: Tobacco addiction, natural treatment,

Quit Smoking Remedy. The Herbal Tea 088: Tobacco Addiction, Natural Treatment, is a useful and effective herbal tea to help smokers quit, change their lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle without tobacco. The craving for smoking will disappear forever in a few weeks of care. Often willpower alone is not enough but with herbal tea 80, everything becomes possible. You just have to start taking it to see a deep craving for tobacco gradually take hold of you. You can no longer even stand next to a smoker without discomfort and you will no longer enjoy smoking. With the Herbal Tea N°088: Tobacco Disgust, natural treatment; you have a unique opportunity to quit smoking and please, for nothing in the world, don't miss this opportunity. Success is guaranteed with a high percentage.

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chronic smoking tobacco addiction tobacco dependence

Technical Sheet of the Natural Remedy to Quit Smoking



-powder in a sachet or in a 50g jar or in a capsule or in a potion.


-Plant extracts

Active subtances

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How To Cure Tobacco Addiction, What To Do?

Therapeutic effects.

How To Cure Tobacco Addiction, Natural Treatment, Remedy To Quit Smoking. Herbal tea 088. Regular intake of this herbal tea causes discomfort, nausea, suffocation, vomiting which cause real and absolute disgust and lead the patient to give up forever the use of tobacco in all its forms. This product is a real remedy for smokers heavily addicted to tobacco. There is no lifelong smoker, and any smoker can quit smoking at any time, undergo detoxification, and change their lifestyle for integral health. Just follow the treatment with Herbal Tea No. 088: Tobacco disgust, natural treatment, and everything will be better for you.

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Directions Addictions or dependence on soft or hard drugs tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, etc. Instructions for use: Read the leaflet Please visit our website Herbal tea 080: Disgust tobacco, alcohol and drugs, natural care

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