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Beware of benign tumours or cancers!

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  • On 2013-05-16

Beware of benign tumours or cancers!


 For naturalists, the primary cause of disease is diet, lifestyle and our increasingly polluted environment. Today, no one is sure of the purity of the air they breathe and the healthy origin of what they eat. Everything is denatured, chemical and artificial, and we have become artificial beings, living sick and potentially dying. According to WHO statistics, 70% of the living are undeclared sick, 20% are truly sick and know what they are suffering from, and only 10% are perfectly healthy, mostly children. The 90% of the people living in the big cities are sick or carry a lot of germinating diseases due to pollution and bad living.  Other rare diseases have become very common with multiple names and specialists of all kinds. We have good surgeons for the rapid removal of fibroids, cysts, polyps and adenomas from the prostate (prostate tumours) but some tumours grow back very quickly if the patient does not change his lifestyle. All the words (fibroma, myoma, cyst, polyp, prostate adenoma, etc.) mean the same thing, the same disease and the only difference is the organ affected. All these words, which were once strange, have become very popular because of the generalisation of these diseases. Our internal mucous membrane is very irritated and very aggressive (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, abuse of acidic medicines, etc.), we eliminate badly, our blood is too full of toxins and all these tumours are evidence of the body's effort to get rid of internal toxins and to fight various irritations.  Depending on the origin of the toxins and where they come from, the body deposits them in different places so as to protect the vital organs as well as possible in the same way we make piles of rubbish when our house is too dirty. Sometimes our house, our environment is so polluted that it is difficult to clean everything in an instant. This is exactly what happens in our inner world, which needs to be detoxified regularly. From the outside we look good, but from the inside it is a lot of trouble.  Thus, tumours are just internal rubbish heaps composed of various wastes (fat, muscle, blood, hair, pus, toxins, chemicals, etc.). As there are several types of waste (solid, gaseous, liquid, toxic and non-toxic) we have several types of tumours, among which are localized tumours without ramifications called benign tumours and tumours with ramifications called malignant or cancerous tumours. Herbal tea N°10 only treats benign internal tumours (fibroids, myomas, cysts, polyps, prostate adenoma, sebaceous cysts, etc.) with great efficiency. Whether the tumour is on a mucous membrane or in a muscle, the active ingredients of the herbal tea will do their job.  Experience it and you will see the wonders of nature. Even in good health, you need this herbal tea to purify your body.


Note: As a preventive measure, the risk can be reduced with a healthy lifestyle and regular elimination.

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